eClassify - Classified Buy and Sell Marketplace Flutter App with Laravel Admin Panel v2.0 - Nulled

Jul 10, 2024 - 07:28
Jul 10, 2024 - 07:32
eClassify - Classified Buy and Sell Marketplace Flutter App with Laravel Admin Panel v2.0 - Nulled


Dynamic Home Layout

Offers a customizable home page with filter options and layout designs, improving user experience and engagement.

Item Management

Users can manage their items and mark them as sold out when necessary.

Location-Based Item Fetching

Items are fetched based on the user’s location, enhancing relevance and convenience.

Highlight important items within the listings, increasing visibility and engagement.

Push Notification

Users receive timely notifications sent by the admin, enhancing communication and user engagement.

Chat Functionality

Enables sellers and buyers to communicate with each other, advancing interaction and facilitating deals.

Multiple Login Options

Users can log in using Google, email, or phone number, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

Multilingual Support

The app offers Multi-Language support, allowing users to access the app in their preferred language

Favorite List

Users can add items to their favorite list for quick access and future reference.

Subscription Option

Users can purchase packages seamlessly using Stripe payment gateway, enhancing selling capability.

Admin Panel

Insightful Dashboard

Get a quick overview and track recent activity. Monitor key metrics and analyze trends effortlessly.

Category Management

Admin can efficiently manage and organize item categories.

Package Management

Manage user’s listing packages and advertisement packages, offering users different monetization options.

Staff Management

Admin can manage staff members using a role-based system, ensuring proper access control and accountability.

Easy Payments with Stripe

Easy buy item listing and ad packages hassle-free using Stripe.

Push Notification System

Utilize FCM-based push notification system for real-time communication with users.

Customize and manage featured sections with various options for enhanced user engagement.

All in One Settings

Easily handle About Us, privacy, language options, Firebase, payment gateways, and T&C all in one spot for seamless control.

Custom Field Management

Create custom fields for categories of items to meet specific requirements, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

Multi Language Support

It support multiple languages, users to access the app in their native language

Slider Management

Admin can manage sliders to highlight important content or promotions effectively.

Item Report Management

Efficiently manage item reports and take appropriate actions as needed.

Item Approval

Admin can approve or reject items, maintaining quality and consistency within the platform.

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